What is "Whois"?

A domain name's WHOIS information is the publically available contact information for every domain name including registrant, technical, administrative, and billing contact for a domain name. For most domain names, you can look up the publically available information on ICANN's website: https://lookup.icann.org/

Domain name registrars, like 2Leaf, are required to update accurate records of WHOIS information per ICANN's (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) rules.

It is important to keep accurate data listed in your domain name WHOIS. Having inaccurate data can be cause for domain name removal by ICANN. 2Leaf will remind you to update your domain name information once per year.

If you prefer some privacy, we partner with a third-party vendor to anonymize your WHOIS data for a small fee. The fee at the time of writing is $6/yr in addition to your registration costs.

Please note that not all domain names can be private. For example, .us domains and some types of SSL certificates require public WHOIS information for valid registrations.

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