Changing Name Servers

Changing name servers is easy.

First log in to your domain registrar's website (e.g.,,, Then, find the area where your domain names are listed and click on the domain name you want to edit. (On both GoDaddy and, your domain names should be listed right after you log into the website.)

Once you have selected the appropriate domain name, choose the option that says something similar to "Edit Name Servers" or "Name Servers". To host your websites on 2Leaf, you will need to modify your name servers to and If there is space for four name servers, you may leave the last two blank. All done.

Note for Email Users: Changing your name servers will also affect any email going to You will need to copy over your email "MX settings" into your new hosting account. If transfering to 2Leaf hosting, just let us know and we will take care of it for you. Be sure to test your email after changing name servers.

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