What logins do I need for my website?

Typical websites will have the following logins: 1) domain, 2) hosting, 3) website, and 4) email

In some cases, for example at 2Leaf.com, one login may grant you access to multiple items.

Domain Name

Your most important asset. Domain name registrars include: 2Leaf.com, GoDaddy, Namebark, Name.com, Nameboy, and many others. Always insist you have direct control over your domain name and can make changes or transfer the domain name without needing to speak to someone. New hosting accounts can be purchased and new websites can be created, but domain names are irreplaceable if lost. (Read more about domain names here.)

Website Hosting

Website hosting is required in order to have a website online. You are paying for a computer that is always connected to the Internet to "host" your website so that anyone can find it at any time. Website hosting companies include: 2Leaf.com, HostGator, and DreamHost. Hosting is included free with all 2Leaf website support plans.

Website Login

Websites using a CMS (content management system), such as WordPress or Shopify, will have a login system so that you can make changes to it. If this login is ever lost, it can sometimes be reset with access to your hosting account. Websites without a CMS will not have a login but will need to be edited by someone familiar with the website code.

Business Email

If using business-class email, for example yourname@yourdomain.com, you will have a unique login used to access your emails. Be sure to keep a record of important login details including your email username, hostname, port number, and any other relevant settings used to set up email clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or any email clients on your phone. If using a webmail client, simply note down the login URL and remember your username and password. Keep your email secure, and do not share your email password with anyone. Email can be used to gain access to your other logins.

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