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Consulting Services

If you know it is time to starting advertising your company online but unsure where or how to start, then our Internet marketing consulting services is your answer.

We work with you to meet your company's unique and specific goals. We have the experience and know what you should be doing to increase your sales using the Internet.

Free project consulting is included in all our services but consulting can also be ordered at our hourly rate without needing to purchase additional services.

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Meet Henry

Henry is a 45-year-old bakery shop owner from Miami. His shop had been successful in the past, but recently business has been dwindling. Henry spoke to another local business owner who suggested Henry build a website for his company. Henry decided that getting a new website was a great idea so he spent two months limiting his spending and saving money to get his company a simple website. He researched online and found several web development companies and got a quote from each one. Henry selected the company with the best rates and got a website made the following month. Henry thought the website looked "just okay" but hopefully it would work.

Sadly, business did not improve for Henry. He was unsure of what to do to solve his problem. He even thought about closing the shop. Having grown up in rural Cuba and having little knowledge about Internet marketing and web development, Henry approached 2Leaf to see if there was anything we could do.

2Leaf spent several days talking to Henry and leaning about his company. We researched his competition—online and offline. We came up with a two step plan for Henry which would help him stay in business.

During step 1, 2Leaf helped Henry come up with a plan to market his company's new website. We got Henry's website listed on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and in a popular local news website. Within literally one day, Henry's online traffic sky-rocketed. Still Henry's sales did not improve substantially to his liking.

2Leaf initiated step 2 of our plan. We completely redesigned Henry's website (and it was needed!). This time the website including an e-commerce system so visitors could place orders online. This time Henry thought the website looked "just perfect".

The newly designed website, helped bring in traffic—both online and on foot—into Henry's store. His online sales now make up a large portion of his total profit. Instead of having to close down his store, Henry has since opened up a bigger store in a better location. The best part of all is that Henry spent less money on all our services than he did on his initial website design.

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